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See Why Email + Text = Marketing Success!

More than 95% of text messages are read within five minutes of receipt. EZ Texting makes it simple to communicate with your contacts via SMS notifications and alerts.

Stay Top of Mind

Research shows that following up a marketing email with a text message can improve email open rates by 30%. Texting doesn't end with a purchase. Combine a confirmation email with an SMS message supplying shipping or customer service notifications to really wow the customer. 

Increase Sales

Today’s consumers are more likely to research products and interact with brands on their mobile phones than on a desktop. Both email and SMS are primed for urgent, immediate notifications to buy or reserve — interactions that can be performed easily on a touchscreen.  

Stand Out From The Crowd

While most advertisers are still focused on traditional channels like TV and radio or still running campaigns for desktop users, you can be ahead of the curve with a mobile-first marketing strategy using email and SMS. Be where your customers are today — and tomorrow.

Get Better ROI

Performance-based marketing channels like email and text messaging allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Plus, with fixed rates and bulk messaging discounts, you can scale more affordably than with competitive channels like search and display advertising.

Why Opt-Ins Are Key to Text Messaging

Just like email, text message marketing is a “permission-based” activity. This means that potential recipients must opt in, or give their permission for you to send them marketing SMS messages. Whether a text notification or a 1:1 direct message, ensure your contacts have agreed to receive texts. 

Permission-Based Activity

Shareable Web Form

With the EZ Texting-Constant Contact integration, you can then sort and segment the audience that has opted in to both emails and texts, and immediately launch multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

Multi-Channel Campaigns

EZ Texting also has a simple way to convert your email list to text marketing opt-ins. Once you start your free trial, just follow these steps to create a shareable web form that can be emailed to your subscribers. 

Constant Contact is such an amazing platform with absolutely brilliant service. I trust this company so much. I am grateful for all their recommendations which have been so perfect. EZ Texting is just another addition to developing an excellent platform for our marketing. EZ Texting is fantastic. You cannot go wrong with it. THANK YOU!

Spring 2020 Leader in SMS Marketing

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Make it easy to opt out. Just add “Text STOP to opt out” to your first message. A “STOP” reply will automatically opt the user out. 

4 Tips for Successful Text Marketing

Let contacts know the frequency of texts you’ll send, so they’ll know what they’re signing up for.

Recipients can (and will!) reply to a group text. Be sure to respond promptly and in a personal way.

Test out different types of campaigns to know what resonates the most — notifications, reminders, or exclusive deals.





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